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News Archives: April 2002

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 29 April 2002
Here's another video clip captured from ASAP last April 14. This is one significant song number from Carol 'coz this marks her return to ASAP. It is recommend to read the instructions first before downloading the file through the link below:

>> 1.43MB << (read download instructions)
 28 April 2002
Carol was in the cover page of this month's issue of Bannawag, a regional magazine available only in Northern Luzon and Ilocandias. Also written in-front is Carol: Pagiin-nagawan da (Carol: Pinag-aagawan nila). I don't know what or to whom they might be referring to the word "da" or "nila", I think its all about the "old" issue on ABS-CBN and GMA.

I'll be posting another video clip tomorrow, for the meantime, check out these vidcaps from last Sunday's ASAP.
 22 April 2002
I have here a video taken from A.S.A.P yesterday. This is actually a clip where Carol renders A Woman's Worth by Alicia Keys. You may want to read the instructions first before downloading the file here...

And while downloading, take some time to visit CBZone's Ringtone Library. The first batch of ringtones includes 6 songs from the album Transition and another 2  from the self-titled album, Carol.
 21 April 2002
I have problems in converting the April 14 ASAP clips to digital format, my video recorder (analog source) won't produce sound and color anymore =( I'll re-schedule the posting next week, sorry for that guys.

Carol's 4th journal entry have already been posted at her official website, check it out here.

Here's Carol's schedule for this coming week...
April 21, 2002 - Autograph Signing in SM Makati
April 22, 2002 - Ayala Foundation Concert at 7:30PM
April 23 - 24, 2002 - Taping for ASAP in Puerto Galera, Mindoro
April 26, 2002 - Album Promo / Mall Show in SM Megamall Building A at 4:00PM
                    - Guest Performer, One Night with Regine, a Bantay Bata 163 Concert
                      at Agrifina Circle, National Museum, 8:00PM
 17 April 2002
Credit to Janice for sending me this scan taken from Yes! Magazine, April 2002 issue.

Probably within this week, I'll be posting downloadable video/s captured from last Sunday's ASAP plus photos taken during the April 14 Friends' day.

Check out Carol's schedule at
 14 April 2002
This is one big happy day for all Carol Banawa fans... We are all glad to see her again on ABS especially on A.S.A.P. Unfortunately, I might not be able to watch ASAP today because of some reasons +( but my recorder will do its job! After ASAP, Carol will be at the Robinson's Galleria at around 4PM for her Album Promo and Friends' Day.

Carol's 3rd letter / journal entry is now posted at her official website.
 13 April 2002
I can feel it... Carol will be on A.S.A.P. this Sunday. There might be a big welcome party for her or a mini-concert, well, let's wait and see. : )

I would like to remind everyone about the Fans' Day tomorrow, April 14 (Sunday), 4:00PM at the Robinson's Galleria. Hope you guys could come.
 08 April 2002
Michelle let us know through her post at the Forum that Carol Banawa was one of the guests in the talk show Kamusta Ka Bayan on TFC (The Filipino Channel). They've talked about Filipino audiences here and abroad.

I think many of us were still wondering why Carol wasn't in ASAP yesterday, hmm... this might be answered on Sunday, let's hope. ; )

Read Carol's second letter or journal entry posted at her official site.
 06 April 2002
The Friends' Day originally scheduled for April 21 have been moved to April 26, Friday, same time, same place.

Deanna and Jewel let me know that Carol is one of the contestants in the game show Wheel of Fortune (ABC 5) last night. She's with Roselle Nava and Antoinette Taus... unfortunately, she didn't win, but she definitely plays well. :)
 04 April 2002
Check out Carol's first cyber-journal posted at her official site...

Roselle informed me that Carol appeared on Private Conversations with Boy Abunda (ABS-CBN) last night. She sang The Warrior is a Child as a tribute to the late Rico Yan.
 03 April 2002
Carol was one of the guests in today's episode of Talk TV (ABS-CBN). She sang Stay, a brilliant sentimental song she dedicates to the memory of her late brother. And together with Nikki Valdez, Jolina Magdangal and Dianne dela Fuente, they performed Saan Ka Na Naroroon.

In case you're interested, here's one of the reasons why I really hated *ntel... =)
 01 April 2002
Carol did a song number at MTB (Matandang Tanghali Bayan) early this day. She sang Saan Ka Man Naroroon as a tribute song to the late Rico Yan (read the story here). It looks like this marks her return to ABS... hope to see her in ASAP this Sunday.

Odri Pujante of Divas Live! posted a poll on "Who's You Favorite Diva?", actually it doesn't look like a poll to me, it's a survey =). Anyway, Carol leads with 56% of the total votes. You can vote here...

I've already found two "candidate" file servers, I'm currently doing some testing on them. The new Media and Photo Gallery will be up soon. I've already done the Lyrics Page, although some lyrics were not yet available.

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