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  Carol Claire (1989) - Ivory Records
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   Carol (1997, 2000 - Re-launched) - Star Records, Istilo Label

    Bakit Di Totohanin (Movie Soundtrack Version)
     Iingatan Ka
     Saan Ka Man Naroroon
     Only World
     Bakit Di Totohanin (1997)
     Kailngan Ba
     Till Its Time
     With This Song
     Wait And Understand
     Kanino Ba
     Pag Puso'y Nakialam
     What Life Is All About
     Sana'y Di Ko Na Nakita
     I'll Be There


   Transition (2001) - Star Records
      Muntik Na Kitang Minahal
       Can Never Be Me
       Sa Kandungan Mo
       Can't Say Goodbye
       I Believe
       Sabihin Mo Na
       Bawat Pintig Ng Puso
       Itanong Mo Sa Puso Ko
       Hanggang Sa Muli
       Quandary (Little Mermaid)
       Hindi Kita Malimot
       Can Never Be Me (Remix)

   Little Mermaid - Trumpets Inc.
     Tracks performed by/with Jewel only, click here to view the track listing...

Other Songs Interpreted

Ano Bang Meron Ka - Movie Soundtrack
Awit Kay Inay - Anak OST
Bagong Araw - Hymns Of Mercy Inspirational (Various Artists)
Bawat Bata (with Jolina and Roselle)- Children Of The Universe, Bantay Bata 163
Daddy, May Oras Ka Ba? - Children Of The Universe, Bantay Bata 163
Disco Araw-Araw (with Kaye Abad and Nikki Valdez) - Nagbibinata OST
Hide N' Seek (with Paolo Contis) - Ang TV, The Movie OST
Keep On Groovin' (With Kaye Abad) - Ang TV, The Homecoming Album
Love's Not Love (Till You Give It Away) - Metropop 2000
Nakaraang Pasko - Ngayong Pasko (Various Artists)
Oh Babe (Dance Mix, with Nikki Valdez and, Kaye Abad) - Hey Babe!
Panunumpa - Tanging Yaman OST
Sige Lang - Ang TV, The Homecoming Album
Song Of My Soul - Couples For Christ (CFC) In There Glory
Soon It's Christmas - Sa Araw Ng Pasko (Various Artists)
Tanging Yaman - Tanging Yaman OST
We Are One - Only Selfless Love
We'll Follow You - National Youth Day 2001 Theme Song
You Are My God - Couples For Christ (CFC) In There Glory
You Make Me Smile - Metropop 1998
You're Always There (with Formula)

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