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News Archives: May 2002

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 19 May 2002     << BYE FOR A WHILE =( >>
CBZone will not be updated until May 31, 2002. Sorry for that guys =( but... expect for more stuffs and features when I come back. Thanks for your support! For the meantime, check out the links to all Carol Banawa-related sites here...

A friendly reminder... a worm/virus known as WORM_KLEZ.H is spreading in the horizon. Beware of any malicious emails with attachments, once you've opened any of these infected emails, prepare for the worst... I have received over a hundred of such emails for the past 3 days... anyway, thanks to my updated anti-virus software =). For more information about this destructive virus and how to remove and prevent it, visit or
 13 May 2002
Check out these 41 vidcaps taken from Tabing Ilog yesterday. It was actually Carol / Andoy's come-back episode. Well, enjoy!
 12 May 2002     << HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY >>
Hi there guys! sorry for the lack of updates. But, guess what?! I have here with me over
10-Gigabytes of Carol Banawa digital medias!. Thanks Jewel for contributing most of them :) Watch out for some selected clips for download only here at CBZONE! Hey, don't forget to watch Tabing Ilog today, right after ASAP... Andoy is back!

For the meantime, check out this audio clip... but first, read the Download Instructions here...

I Believe in Love (from Judah Ben-Hur)
Performed by Carol Banawa
URL: (XLS was used instead of HTM)
 06 May 2002
I was surprised to see Andoy in Tabing Ilog yesterday. Well, it would be nice to know that Carol will again be a part of that Sunday afternoon teen drama. So better watch Tabing Ilog on Sunday, right after ASAP. : )
 05 May 2002
I have re-posted 2 video files. Be sure to read the instructions first before downloading...

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE - Carol Banawa, ASAP - 04/14/2002
Link: (DOC was used instead of HTM)

A WOMAN'S WORTH - Carol Banawa, ASAP - 04/21/2002

Watch out for another video clip plus vidcaps from ASAP's Summer Special 2002.
 01 May 2002
The download link for the video posted last April 29 is no longer available. I will be re-uploading it on Sunday together with another new clip.

Check out this photo taken last April 14 during the album promo show at the Robinson's Galleria.

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