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You're always there for me
You pick me up when I'm down
Ever so willing to guide me
Giving me unconditional love
Sometimes I refuse to listen
But i know you're so right
You only want good things in my life

I may not say that much
But how I love you
And I can only thank God
For giving me to you
I can't imagine my world
Without you, without you

You've given me life love
And my heart and soul
You taught me kindness
and compassion
You let my goodness flow
You're the constant guiding light
That shines on me
And without you
I can never be me

Ever since I was a child
I see you so strong
You're the one that I run to
When things go wrong
You're never tired of loving me
You're always there to take good care of me

Everything good about me
Is all because of you.....

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