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News Archives: March 2002

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 29 March 2002
Here's an excerpt from an article (dated January 29, 2002) posted at, it's all about the musical Judah Ben Hur...

... While the performance we watched did not feature first choice lead, Denise Scarms in the role of Esther, we were not disappointed by the dulcet tones of Filipino Carol Banawa, whose powerful soprano voice never faltered in its crystal clarity.

You can read the full article here....

Update: CBZone's new e-mail address is
 27 March 2002
If you're curious (just like me) about Judah Ben-Hur then take some time to learn his story and watch Ben Hur: Race to Glory, an animated TV special on GMA 7, March 28, Holy Thursday at 6:30PM.
Here's one very special announcement...

E V E N T S  -  A P R I L  2 0 0 2

   Friend's Day and Album Promo
   April 14, 2002, Sunday @ 4:00pm
   Robinson's Galleria
   Friend's Day and Album Promo
   April 26, 2002, Friday @ 4:00pm
   SM Megamall Building A
Everyone is invited... hope you guys could come.
 26 March 2002
Here's one, big. good news guys....

Just received an email from Carol telling that things have already been finalized... She's staying with ABS-CBN! =)

Expect to see her again in ASAP and some ABS-CBN shows. I hope this time, ABS-CBN Talent Center will be able to realize how talented she was not just in singing, but also in acting. It's been quite some time since Carol did a movie (remember Tanging Yaman, December 2000) and drama / sitcom guestings. During the official Carol Banawa chat session, she mentioned that she missed doing them (movies).

Larry of The Official Carol Banawa Site, have posted Carol's birthday pictures including photos taken during her visit in Disneyland.
 25 March 2002
Hello there! I'm back...

At last, site version 3.0e is up and running! Thanks to Mr. Gio Bautista, CBZone's Webmaster II. Hope you like the new layout. For your comments and/or suggestions, contact us or leave a message at the Guestbook.

I'm still looking for a new file server for use with CBZone's new Media Gallery. If you know some sites that offer "free" on-line storage for file sharing purposes, please let me know. You can still visit the "old" Media Gallery here, though some links no longer work. I'll try to re-upload them plus more with the new file server, soon. =)

Here's an article submitted by Deanna from a local tabloid called Saksi Ngayon.

I've noticed in last Saturday's episode of Ariba Ariba! that Jolina Magdangal is singing some sort of a disco version of Kanino Ba, a song originally interpreted by Carol on her first album.

We'll keep you updated here, so keep visiting this site. Thanks guys!
 13 March 2002
Here's a 9-page transcript of the official Carol Banawa chat session that was conducted yesterday...
 10 March 2002
Nicolo submitted these pictures he took from Carol's recent show in New York City. Oh well, it was actually a concert with Giselle Sanchez, and Carol was the "guest"...
 06 March 2002
Deanna e-mailed this article from a local tabloid called Tumbok, read it here...

Check out these pictures taken last February 3, 2002 during Carol's  visit at Tower Records, Alabang Town Center. Photos courtesy of Janice of Carol's World.
 04 March 2002
Happy Birthday Carol! She's turning 21 today. =)

My wish for her is that, She and her family may continue to receive more blessings, good health, happiness, strength and success. Post your greetings and birthday wishes for Carol here...
 02 March 2002
Michelle informed me about an article she found at ManilaTimes.Net, posted March 1, 2002, here's the intro...

Carol Banawa isnít leaving ABS-CBN 2 anymore in favor of rival network GMA 7.

No, the singer-actress didnít change her mind on her own. She got a little help from ABS-CBN 2 executives, including those of the networkís Talent Center which manages her.

This is not yet confirmed, but be sure to read the full story here...
 01 March 2002
The second clip from last Saturday's television broadcast of XSTATIC! is now ready for download....

Description: Bakit Di Totohanin - Carol Banawa, XSTATIC! 10/19/01
File Type: Zipped, Windows Media Video, 64Kbps ISDN-optimized
File Size: 1.32Mb (compressed)

Again, a download utility program is recommended. If you need assistance, send me an email at or You can also text me at +639185577145.

And while downloading, check out these pictures submitted by Rosel. They were actually taken from Carol's recent concert in San Diego U.S.A. (February 9). Enjoy! =)

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